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How To Build Successful TikTok Strategy For Your Brand?

TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame, with over 1 billion users, has not gone unnoticed by businesspeople. As a result of the app’s meteoric rise in popularity, brands are increasingly invested in figuring out the secret to success on TikTok. This channel’s high engagement rates have made it a top priority for marketers. People watch your videos on TikTok because they want to be entertained, and in this era of heightened privacy concerns and declining targeted advertising, the best way to get your brand noticed is through engaging organic content.

The channel provides brands with an opportunity to lead with authenticity and build a strong community, as roughly 85% of the videos on a user’s “For You” page are from people and brands they are not following. Dash Hudson has been hard at work, developing solutions in partnership with TikTok, to help you take your strategy to the next level by providing brands with the strong data they need to understand what content resonates with audiences.

Tips for Creating a Viral TikTok Channel

It’s important to get the groundwork done before launching a brand’s account on TikTok. You must determine how to track the performance of your content, what metrics to use in your reports, and how to compare your results to those of your rivals. By partnering with TikTok on its API, we are able to provide the industry’s premier TikTok Insights solution for brands, allowing them to do the following:

It is possible to continue tracking and analysing analytics data even after the native platform has deleted it (after 60 days).
Make TikTok reporting as easy as reporting on other major digital marketing platforms.
Find out how their videos stack up against the competition and other pieces of their own content.

Formulate a Winning Approach to TikTok

Reporting Performance in a Meaningful Way

TikTok is a channel for trying new things, and with the help of custom reporting, you can see right away if your efforts are paying off or if you need to make adjustments to your content strategy. Not every video should be made for the same reason, so using key performance indicators to sort them can help you see which ones are most effective. You can tailor your TikTok reporting as part of your omnichannel strategy with the help of Dash Hudson’s platform.

Applying Holistic Metrics to Your Artistic Process

In order to create content that is both easily discoverable and highly engaging, brands need access to in-depth creative insights.

Analytics for longer periods of time

Your ability to recommend a change in strategy based on performance metrics is limited by their lack of context. The top brands in their industries are mining TikTok’s data for insights to help them contextualise their marketing efforts and spot emerging trends in performance.

Real-Time With the TikTok Community Management Community, social media managers can quickly and easily switch between brand accounts within a single, user-friendly community inbox to keep tabs on conversations pertaining to their brands. Tools for managing one’s direct messages (DMs) inbox and picking up where one left off are just some of the ways in which the Dash Hudson community experience is elevated.

Always Be Aware of the Most Popular Music

Keeping up with the latest trending sounds on TikTok is a huge time commitment because of how frequently they change. Social media managers can monitor the rising tide of popularity on TikTok with the help of Trending Sounds in Dash Hudson. They can see right away what kind of sound it is, how many videos have used the sound or similar sounds, what brands and users have used the sound, and whether or not its popularity is on the rise or fall.

TickTock Timetable For comprehensive social planning and scheduling, our clients can schedule TikTok content straight from the Dash Hudson. In order to maximise views and engagement, brands know that posting to TikTok outside of traditional business hours is sometimes necessary. With auto publishing, social media managers can plan ahead and schedule their TikTok content to post at a later date, while push notifications provide the structure to plan ahead and publish content at the most optimal time with only a few taps on the mobile app.

Original Music for TikTok Videos

Can you imagine a world where the worth of an experience like entertainment could be measured? No longer conjectural, Dash Hudson has created the TikTok Entertainment Score to give creators insight into how well their videos perform with viewers.

What factors into our TikTok Entertainment Score?

Two primary factors inform what constitutes a “Entertainment Score”:

Rate of audience interaction with your TikTok video (how many people watched it, how many commented, and how many shared it)
Average percentage of a video’s viewers still watching five minutes after it ends on TikTok.
Each video you upload will be measured against internal benchmarks developed by Dash Hudson using over 25,000 videos from all industries. The scale used to display the score ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest possible rating. Your score will improve if your rate of participation and retention is high.

Increasing Your Profits With TikTok’s “Entertainment Score”

TikTok is a massive opportunity for brands to reach new audiences and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular entertainment platforms out there. It’s been shown that providing genuine, entertaining content is the simplest way to convert casual viewers into paying customers; 67% of TikTok users say the app has prompted them to make a purchase they hadn’t planned on making.

We partnered with NielsenIQ to compile secondary data analysing TikTok’s top beauty brands to supplement the primary research we culled from Dash Hudson across a variety of sectors.

So, what did we find? TikTok channels whose content strategies include entertainment grew 34% faster than those whose content strategies took a more traditional approach to the platform.