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An Ultimate Guide: How To Post A Video On Instagram?

The majority of marketers (54%) agree that video is the most effective medium for attaining their social media objectives. Sixty-eight percent of video marketers also said they intended to include Instagram video in their 2022 video marketing strategy. If you haven’t already been publishing videos to Instagram, you should start doing so in light of these numbers and Instagram’s drive for greater video creation.

This article will examine Instagram Video, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Stories, the three main Instagram video formats. We’ll discuss where and when to share them, as well as which Animoto themes make it simple to create engaging IG videos.

You may either go on reading, or you can go directly to the video version.

How to Share a Video on Instagram?

Instagram has merged its long-form IGTV videos (formerly housed in a separate app) with its shorter-form feed videos into a single video format called Instagram Video.

Instagram videos may be up to an hour long and are contributed in the same way that photos are: by selecting a clip from your Camera Roll or by filming a new clip directly in the app.

How To Upload a video To Instagram?

  • To add something, just hit the + button on the right.
  • When the option appears, select Post.
  • Click “Next,” “Edit,” “Filter,” “Caption,” “Location,” “Share,” etc. to personalise your video from the Photo Library.
  • To access Instagram, tap the app’s logo in the bottom right corner. Using this method, you can start a new video recording within the app. Then you can modify the feed by adding a filter, captions, location, etc.
  • From your profile, you may share a video to Instagram by clicking the plus symbol ( ), then selecting Post, and finally uploading a clip from your camera roll.

Insta-videos: What’s the Point?

Users who wish to share longer videos can do so with success using Instagram’s Video format. Viewers will only see the first sixty seconds of your longer-than-one-minute Instagram Video in the stream. Under the user’s profile, the video can be viewed in its entirety in the “Video” section.

Ideas For Instagram Videos

You may use any of our Instagram Video templates, but we recommend the Daily Check-in, Editorial Quote List, and Personal Story formats for getting to know your audience.
Putting Together Instagram Highlight

Instagram now has a feature called “Reels” that competes with TikTok. Individuals and businesses alike may use Reels to make engaging videos that showcase their personalities and brands in as little as 60 seconds.

Instructions for uploading a Reel to Instagram

To add something, just hit the + button on the right.
Select Reel from the menu that appears.

The app’s camera will launch after you click this button. To import an existing video, choose the square box in the lower left corner. To upload a movie to Reels, access your Photo Library by clicking here.
A new Reel can be made as well. To toggle between filter settings, swipe the bottom circles left and right. Once you’ve selected a filter (or decided not to use one), keep your finger on the circle at the device’s bottom to begin recording your Reel.
When you’re satisfied with your Reel, proceed to the next step. Like an Instagram Story, you may add stickers and filters to your Reel here.

Tools for customising your Reel appear on the left side of your screen.

Why Share Your Instagram Highlights?

Instagram has put an emphasis on Reels as a means of competing with TikTok, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg describing Reels as “the primary driver of engagement growth” on Instagram. Reels is for you if you want more subscribers, more comments, or more people talking about your company.

Reel idea for Instagram

If you’re just getting started with Reels, you’ll find that using our premade templates is a breeze. Intriguing Reel material may be created by the use of tutorials, explainers, and stories. Use our Expert How-To template to showcase your knowledge in a specific area, or our Trendy Social Recipe template to show off your culinary prowess.

Creating an Instagram Story: The Necessary Steps

Instagram Stories are 15-second video or photo segments that disappear from the app’s feed after 24 hours. They won’t appear in your main Instagram feed, but rather in a row with the Stories of all the accounts you follow at the very top of the app.

Instagram Stories may be shared in a handful of different ways. You have the option of either uploading a video from your computer or recording a video immediately within Instagram. We’ll explain both processes.

Adding a video to your Instagram story

You may begin by touching your profile photo from your profile or your Story (a circle with your profile picture in it) at the top left of the Instagram app when you view your feed. You may also access the Story option by clicking the plus sign (+) in the top right corner of the screen.
Take a picture, start a video recording, or share something already on your camera roll using this menu.

To start a new post, choose the black box with the Instagram logo in the upper left corner. When you click it, your camera interface will open.
To begin recording your Story, press and hold the circle button located at the bottom of your screen.
When you’re done recording, take your finger off the button and hit the arrow in the right-hand corner of the screen to broadcast to your audience.