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The Definitive Tutorial On Making Instagram Movies

As a marketing tool, Instagram is indispensable. Because the app is free, even the smallest businesses may now produce video content, opening up new avenues for imaginative storytelling. Instagram is also making it easy for these companies to use its video features.

The Importance of Instagram Videos

Instagram is your hoped-for land of expansion and more attention. Instagram posts that help expand a company’s customer base should be both original and engaging. To start things moving, we’ve compiled some suggestions; which ones seem like they would work for you?

Motivating Words

WorkParty is a manual for establishing one’s ideal employment situation. The accompanying Instagram continues the concept by offering advice on how to excel at work like a superstar. This clip is a rousing podcast segment sponsored by WorkParty and featuring Bobbi Brown.


These are the entry pass to participation. Memes may be used to spread awareness of your company’s values, goals, and wares.

Bustle is a popular online community for young women, and they promote their culture by means of memes. If the meme’s witty caption is appealing enough to young women, they may sense a kinship with Bustle and be inspired to explore their content.


When can we expect a new podcast episode? Share an excerpt of the chat on Instagram Stories. Customers looking for what you’re selling will flock to your website.

The following is a captioned excerpt from an upcoming New Yorker article featuring an interview with a lighting specialist for Hamilton. Fans of musical theatre and New Yorkers alike will be interested in a backstage glimpse at one of Broadway’s most popular shows.

Spout some lore.

Instagram videos give life to a company’s backstory. You may pique the interest of your ideal customers in your business by sharing videos of real individuals whose lives have been improved because to your goods.

In this video, Microsoft tells a nautical narrative about how their software makes life easier for fisherman.

Brand-New Debuts

Instagram is a great place to release sneak peeks of new items. A full-fledged advertisement isn’t necessary to make an impression. Love Your Melon, a manufacturer of headwear, advertised their latest collection by showing off a single model in a rainbow of hues.

Customers are so intrigued by the prospect of new items that posting video countdowns before their release can increase sales. That pink wrap is really calling to me.

Existing merchandise

It’s possible that the same thing may be done with your current items. If you deliver relevant material to potential consumers rather than expecting them to go hunting for it, you’ll get more of their attention and business.

Whole Heart Provisions, a plant-based restaurant in the Boston area, features videos of their dishes on their website. Anyone in search of a new breakfast location may get a glimpse of the menu and a compelling film highlighting its many facets.

Sale or promotion

Benefit Cosmetics does and host an Instagram-only sale, complete with a video showcasing the goods.

Tutorial films

All of the information they provide is videotaped and comprises of quick fixes to common problems.

Videos that show viewers how to use your product (especially those that are sold in a specialised market) are an excellent means of attracting new customers. In addition, the caption is a great place to plug comparable social media accounts, such as 5-Minute Crafts.

You may be wondering where these businesses are getting their ideas for content, and what you can do to get started. Keep an eye out.

What Instagram Wants From Your Videos

Instagram videos debuted in 2013, with a 15-second time limit and a feed-only debut. These days, videos have some added complexity. The optimal technical specifications for each format have been determined with reference to the various distribution channels.

The nicest feature is how simple it is to make videos using this package. Create professional-quality video using just your iPhone or Android phone. The iPhone X and Android 9 both take 4K video at 30 and 60 frames per second, making them ideal for sharing on Instagram.

Due to Instagram’s focus on mobile use, the software suggests using a smartphone’s 9:16 aspect ratio. In case you aren’t viewing this information on a mobile device, we’ll now get into the intricacies of those size statistics.

A video in-feed for a product launch countdown or podcast teaser might be shot in landscape mode. Instagram Live and Stories also use the landscape style for videos, like this Starbucks Story Highlight that contains a joke and their featured beverages.

Instagram TV (IGTV) might be a decent substitute for Stories if you want to watch longer videos in a full screen format. A thorough product video or a live-streamed Q&A session on a platform are just two examples of the kind of long-form content that IGTV makes possible.

Yeti, makers of high-quality coolers, use its Instagram TV channel to feature SXSW talks and customer testimonials. Take note on how the extended length and geography of IG videos (60 minutes) contribute to this trend.

Tiny Desk Concerts on NPR focus exclusively on square videos. NPR utilises Instagram to provide square-formatted clips of its live performance sessions.