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Instagram Posting Schedule

Instagram popularity can be influenced by how frequently users share. If you post too frequently, you risk annoying your audience; if you post infrequently, you risk losing them. (Marketers say that this is the number one reason they lose followers).

Given that your followers expect to hear from you on the platform, it’s crucial that you establish a regular publishing timetable that satisfies their expectations. Find out how often you should be updating your Instagram for company here.

Instagram: How Often Should a Company Update Their Page?

The question of how often a company should share on Instagram was put to Instagram’s Head of Instagram, Adam Mossieri, at the 2021 Creator Weekend. He said there was no surefire method, but that posting twice a week to the stream and once a day for tales was a good starting point.

Here are the answers from over 500 B2B and B2C Instagram managers around the world who were asked the same topic in a recent HubSpot Blog Survey.

Eighty percent of all marketers use their accounts for professional purposes. After they’ve published,

  • 45 percent update their profiles more than once per week,
  • More than a quarter (23%) of users update numerous times per day,
  • Twenty-three percent update at least once per day.

Marketers were also asked how often they share Stories, with 43% responding that they do so multiple times per week, 23% responding that they do so multiple times per day, and 23% responding that they do so everyday. Experts in the field of marketing agree that four to nine Stories should be live at any given time.

Finding the Optimal Instagram Posting Schedule

Leverage the above data and do some testing to determine what posting regularity works best for your brand or company on Instagram; your audience will provide feedback.

If your followers start to show less interest after a certain number of weekly updates, you may be publishing too frequently.

You should also take into account the time zones of your fans and the times of day they are most likely to be online. Even if you publish ten times a week, it won’t have any effect if you’re attempting to reach your most engaged audience while they’re asleep.

Try out different publishing frequencies and analyse the results to see what brings in the most attention. Once you’ve determined the optimal frequency of articles, you can consistently maintain it by planning ahead one week at a time.

On Your Own

You should never pass up a chance to communicate with your target market. Keep up a consistent presence on the app that provides value to your customers by keeping them interested in what you have to offer.