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Instagram Comment Response Etiquette

Instagram users give brands high marks when they interact with comments using natural language. They become more likeable, reliable, and deserving of being followed as a result.

Here Are 7 Suggestions For Replying To Instagram Comments

Here are some suggestions for interacting with your clients’ comments and increasing the number of people who follow you. There are also some suggestions for responses to comments on Instagram.

1. Urge those who provide encouraging comments to do more.

Nothing is gained, and a golden chance to convert a pleasant exchange into a sale is lost.

At the very least, you may emphasise the point you’re making. Russell Brunson, a marketing guru and entrepreneur, does this frequently to increase user engagement.

2. React to queries

Insta-users who comment with questions are likely interested in what you have to offer. You can react to people’s inquiries on Instagram without trying to think of the most hilarious things to say.

To avoid coming across as pushy, provide solutions that don’t necessitate making a purchase right away. Unless, of course, the remark is a question with an explicit purpose to buy.

3. Retort humorously when appropriate

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the people you’re talking to on social media are customers when you’re representing an agency.

The vast majority of these users simply want a place to unwind, however others may utilise the site to begin discussions with others via Instagram comments. You can see this in action by checking out the most popular videos on Instagram.

4. Respond maturely to criticism.

There’s no getting around the fact that you’ll have to deal with criticism if you choose to develop your client’s presence on social media.

You can only choose your response to these criticisms. You’ll need poise and professionalism if you want to transform criticism into growth.

5. Review the feedback and make mental notes

Reading user comments is a terrific method to gain insights that can inform your product strategy or content direction, which brings us to our next point.

6. Keep tabs on feedback via monitoring social media

The more popular you get on social media, the more comments you’ll receive.

7. Get the conversation going with an intelligent opening remark

To get consumers to visit a brand’s page and leave feedback, sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement.

With Vista Social’s automated first remark tool, you can offer them just that.

You may leave a remark on a new Instagram post by typing it into the “Leave the first comment” section.

Keep in mind that the first comment is perfect for adding hash tags to Instagram posts at the last minute. If you want more people to see your material on the platform, you can accomplish this.

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