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The 2019 Editions Of The Top 8 Instagram Analytics Apps

If you’ve found yourself saying “I don’t know” to that question, then you’re at the correct spot. Instagram does include built-in insights analytics, but if you’re a company looking to acquire practical insights to increase engagement and revenue, you may find them lacking.

Analytics for Instagram: What Is It?

You may increase your brand’s visibility and boost sales by using the information provided by Instagram analytics on your account, posts, engagement metrics, optimal posting times, and more.

1. Not-metric

Unmetric is an AI-driven, brand-centric social media intelligence platform that provides access to actionable social data for businesses.

The newest feature of Unmetric helps marketers choose the most effective photos for their business by providing in-depth visual intelligence and statistics.

2. It’s a Square

Get the most out of your Instagram account with the aid of this tool and its comprehensive, in-house statistics. Squarelovin filters out the irrelevant data and gives you actionable insights into your account’s growth, engagement metrics, best and worst posting times, and more. The tool’s clever features help you find the most effective hashtags and filters for your social media updates. The tool’s ability to examine one’s complete past and offer suggestions for improving one’s account is my favourite aspect of it. This is a fantastic resource for tracking your own top-line KPIs, but it doesn’t provide any market knowledge against which you can measure your progress.

3. Third, Union Measures

I’d like to recommend Union Metrics as a tool for enhancing your social strategy through the application of social intelligence. Union Metrics has a number of tools that may be used to assess how well your Instagram marketing is doing. You can do things like listen for certain keywords, report on campaigns, and more with the use of this tool’s paid Instagram analytics platform. We also provide high-level indicators like how our competitors are doing. Union Metrics provides an Instagram account auditing tool free of charge. You can find out when is the best time to post, what you should post, and what hashtags you should use with this free tool.

4. Terminology for Owls

Utilise the abundance of information provided by Owlmetrics to enhance your Instagram presence. To begin, you may use this app to monitor your Instagram bio’s click-through rate. In addition, you will be provided with a comprehensive breakdown of your click-through rates, hashtag activity, optimum posting times, top-performing articles, and interaction sources. All of these key data are presented in visually appealing charts and graphs for ease of use. Marketers will benefit greatly from combining their own analytics with key information from their competitors in order to develop engaging content strategies.

5. is yet another Instagram analytics platform utilised by industry heavyweights such as Coca-Cola and Lexus. is a treasure trove of data that allows you to monitor your account’s performance on the photo/video sharing platform. You can check how many people saw your Instagram story and how many times they saw it. In addition, you may examine the similarities and differences in your tales to learn more about the kinds of information that will most interest your readers., like Owlmetrics, lets you monitor your Instagram clicks by including a trackable link in your bio. Find out which hashtag brought you the most likes and retweets using their hashtag statistics. Overall, it’s a fantastic resource for boosting your Instagram profile’s visibility.

6. Social Rank

If you want to dig deep into your audience’s demographics and psychographics, SocialRank is the solution for you. By quickly scanning their profiles and feeds, you may collect the most frequently used terms and emojis among your followers, allowing you to better understand their preferences. This strategic method of deconstructing your audience can aid you in developing content strategy that really hits home. Depending on their follower count, post interactions, gender, and geography, the tool’s filters can retrieve a targeted list of followers. In this approach, you may instantly connect with prospective clients or key opinion leaders for future partnerships. When searching for major influencers or launching PR efforts, SocialRank is an invaluable resource. However, it does not provide competitive analysis so you can compare your results to those of your rivals or go further into the strategies they employ.

7. SmartMetrics

SmartMetrics is another all-inclusive app that will explain Instagram stats to you. This service provides a wealth of information to help you analyse your account’s performance. For instance, the success of your profile, posts, stories, and hashtags are tracked and reported to you on the hour. The software also does a high-level study of the competition by following and monitoring their company profiles.

8. Eighth Social Insider

Using Socialinisder is quite similar to using SmartMetrics. The capabilities of the app provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your Instagram results. The engagement rate per post, hashtag analysis, story analysis, optimal posting time, and so on are only some of the indicators that may be analysed in detail.


With the proper resources at your disposal, Instagram can be easily navigated. With the aid of these analytics tools, you can quickly learn what information your target audience is seeking. The eight resources we’ve discussed here should prove useful in accomplishing that goal.