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Identifying Fake Instagram Accounts: 8 Tips

Over the past several years, Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed, and it is now one of the most widely used social networking sites in the world. However, the proliferation of bogus profiles is a downside to its increasing popularity. Spam, phishing, and even identity theft are just some of the possible uses for these accounts. Knowing how to identify suspicious Instagram accounts is crucial for your personal security.

For what purpose do people make fictitious Instagram profiles?

For various reasons, some Instagram users establish fictitious profiles. You should be aware of these threats so that you can take precautions and do your part to maintain Instagram a safe place for everyone.


There are people out there that use phoney accounts because they wish to maintain their anonymity. Many people want to remain anonymous online for safety, privacy, or protection from cyberbullying reasons.


Identity theft occurs when someone creates a false account in your name using your personal data. Someone might potentially submit fraudulent information under your name, damaging your reputation.


To cyberbully someone anonymously, they can just start a new account. They may post derogatory remarks or send you personally threatening messages. Your emotional and psychological health may suffer as a result of this.


Catfishing is a type of online fraud in which the perpetrator uses a fictitious profile to con unsuspecting victims into developing emotional connections with them. There are a number of possible motivations for doing something like this, including begging for praise or money.


In an effort to steal other people’s personal information or make money off of them, some people establish phoney accounts and flood them with promotional or harmful content like spam messages or phishing links.


To try out Instagram’s features or try out new methods of gaining more followers, some individuals make dummy accounts.

Few Or No Comments Existed

The account may be trying to evade Instagram’s automated spam filters by not publishing or by posting seldom while waiting for more followers before starting to post spam or scam content.

  • It’s also possible that some phoney accounts are part of a broader operation to artificially inflate the number of a target account’s followers or likes. Fake accounts are made in large numbers with the express intention of garnering the attention of other users by following them or enjoying their content.

Profile Data That Is Inadequate

One of the most obvious signs of a fraudulent Instagram account is incomplete profile information. In order to conceal their genuine identity, the creator of a phoney account could leave some blanks in their profile. This may make it more challenging for others to positively identify them or ascertain their genuine motivations.

A false account’s owner may try to fool others into thinking it’s real by simply partially filling out profile fields like name and location. This can improve the account’s discoverability and popularity among its target audience.

Direct Messages and Social Media Ads

Similar to the previous advice, phoney Instagram profiles will publish promotional content on their feeds and send direct messages (DMs) to followers offering free money or goods.

  • Did you see the posts that read something like, “I’m giving away $50,000 to the first 25 people that DM me HELP?” in the comments or direct messages (DMs)? These are from automated programmes set up to steal personal information by promising free money in return for credit card information. Unfortunately, many victims of these scammers never recover from having their accounts compromised.

Some spammers and phishers create bogus accounts just to send promotional direct messages. In exchange for a promotional deal, they may ask for personal information such as your email address or password.