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How To Use TikTok Stories For Making Eye-Catchy Videos?


These days, brief video clips can be found on just about every social media site. Our vast majority of friends and family have heard of it. Users and companies alike share short, digestible pieces of content that only remain online for a day. TikTok is the upcoming social media platform to jump on the bandwagon.

Stories on TikTok were introduced in 2022 as the company’s response to similar functions on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. However, unlike the others, this function is not as widely advertised, which means that a fantastic opportunity is just around the corner for you to seize.

81% of the way through, only 30 percent of short-form videos are watched. Let’s make sure you’re making the most of this new marketing tool by learning all we can about TikTok stories.

What Exactly Are Tiktok Stories?

As was previously mentioned, TikTok’s “Stories” feature is the app’s attempt to compete with the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat’s respective “Stories” sections.

Instead of being displayed in a vertical scroll bar at the top of the screen, as they are on other sites, they will be scattered randomly across the rest of your FYP and the page that follows it.

Visitors to your FYP can not only watch your TikTok Stories, but also leave public comments and hearts. Since user interactions and answers are typically kept private on other platforms, this is typically not possible. These open exchanges open up a new line of communication between creators and their fans and the companies that support them.

Considering that the app just upped the maximum length of videos in its feed to ten minutes, TikTok’s foray into stories is intriguing. The simultaneous releases demonstrate TikTok’s ambition to challenge both Instagram and YouTube as a go-to destination for both short- and long-form video content.

Where To Start With TikTok Stories?

The FYP on TikTok provides users with unique and personalized feeds based on their preferences, with content chosen specifically for them by TikTok’s algorithm.

That’s why you and your company need to reevaluate who you’re writing for and what you hope to accomplish with your TikTok Stories.

Here are some questions to think about as a jumping off point: 

  • What should we do with these TikTok Story ratings now? Which do you want to prioritize, increasing participation or spreading the word?
  • Should you prioritize your current fanbase or try to attract new ones?
  • How would you like the characters in your stories to interact with each other?

You need to decide if you want to create your stories specifically for your followers, which would result in content geared toward the Following page of users, or if you want to create your stories for everyone.

In order to share content on TikTok, one must:

  • Select the central “plus” button. After that, you can use the app’s camera to take photos or record video, or select media already on your device to upload.
  • If you want to make your story stand out or add a little flair, you can use the standard TikTok tools like effects, sounds, and stickers. If everything checks out, go ahead and release your novel.

A blue circle will appear around the profile picture of any user or brand profile that has recently uploaded a story. To read someone’s full story, all you have to do is click on their profile picture. As an example, let’s consider why you might want to use TikTok Stories.

The practice of telling and hearing one another’s tales has gone viral on social media. Brands and content creators have found that Instagram can be a great way to gauge audience interest in a particular topic or to drive more people to their websites.

TikTok was made with fun in mind first and foremost, so it is up to content creators and businesses to test out different approaches to TikTok Stories to see what resonates most with their target audiences.

Take a YouTuber who makes videos about fashion but primarily uploads hauls of products or movie reviews as an example. Differentiating between their TikTok stories and the videos they upload to their channel is likely to be necessary if they want to keep their audience interested.

The primary motivation is that you care about providing value to your readers. If the content is too similar to what they’re used to, they may decide to stop following both your videos and stories.

Gaining exposure and new followers on TikTok through viral videos may form a significant part of your daily content strategy. Using TikTok Stories, you can connect with your existing audience and help your community flourish.

When you visit the “For You” page, you may see videos and GIFs from TikTok accounts that you do not follow. In contrast, stories from accounts you’re subscribed to on TikTok will be shown in the Story panel.

Stories posted to TikTok also disappear after 24 hours, like those on Instagram. The content is only available for a limited time, so anyone who doesn’t already follow you might miss out. It’s a good idea to remind your viewers of this and invite them to follow you on TikTok so they never miss a moment of your content.

Value Of TikTok Stories

1. Using a Recently Added Feature

TikTok stories are still relatively new, so they aren’t widely used. As a result, this function is ideal for testing out new approaches to advertising on TikTok. Examine how you can best use TikTok stories to communicate with and interact with your target audience.

2. A Different Way of Influencing

Video sharing on TikTok has become the norm, and every company is making significant efforts to ensure that their videos are interesting. Due to the novelty of TikTok’s story format, it provides a fresh opportunity for brands and influencers to make money. Like Instagram, your brand can have a popular TikTok user who is an expert in your field take over your stories for a day.

3. Real Short-Form Material

TikTok videos can now be up to 10 minutes in length, putting even more pressure on creators to produce material that is both entertaining and informative.

TikTok stories can now only be 15 seconds long, so you won’t have to spend as much time worrying about what to film and upload. This is a great chance to hook your audience with a taste of your content and keep them coming back for more.

4. Ideal Proving Ground

You’re anxious about how your followers will respond to your next TikTok post, but you can’t decide what to upload. Advertisements and split-testing content are common ways for social media marketers to try out different approaches before committing to one particular strategy. That’s why you should think about using TikTok stories instead of spending money on A/B testing for your new advertising campaign. Multiple times per week, you can update your audience with new versions of your campaign by posting them on TikTok stories and seeing how they react. The vast majority of us have heard of it. Users and companies alike share short, digestible pieces of content that only remain online for a day.


A larger audience can now watch users’ TikTok stories, giving them more ways to engage with the platform and one another. Discovering what works, developing a solid strategy, and producing superior content are all possible with this brand-new tool. The ability to use such features to pique the interest of your followers will determine how successful you become on TikTok.