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How To Use Guest Posting In Link Building?

To increase the quality and quantity of organic visitors to your site, guest posting is a great strategy. However, the editor will typically delete links to landing pages before publishing.

Most websites will reward you with a higher page rank if you link to relevant, helpful content, such as a data set, a related article, or an interesting anecdote that supports your argument. Rather than pestering editors, this more honest method of growing your backlink profile through guest posting will get you the best results.
In light of this, it’s clear that high-quality content is essential for guest posting. Not only does strong content offer you a leg up when it comes to pitching, but it also helps you get that all-important in-text link (as opposed to a bio link). You have a better chance of getting your link published and integrated into the text where it belongs if you can pique the editor’s interest with your proposed proposal.

Put these five pieces of content on your blog schedule if you want to kick off your guest posting campaign. You may use them to increase your chances of being invited to write guest posts on influential sites, which will help build your brand and SEO rankings over time.

A Real-World Example

Whether or not you use it for guest posting, a case study is an excellent piece of content to have because it demonstrates your brand’s worth. It’s great for link building since you can back up your claims with evidence from the case study, and it’s even better if you can add a visual representation of the data.

Consider Potential Discussion Points Before Beginning Your Case Study

First, you should consider which data is most applicable to your case study and how you may best use it. The ideal approach to do this is to examine each piece of data and generate five potential titles for blog posts that would allow you to incorporate the piece of data in a pitch to editors.

Information like how long it took to climb up Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) by X positions is one example.

Report of Confidential Information

Whenever possible, publishers seek out narrative-driven data. Your case study can accomplish this, however confidential information is handled differently. “Survey-based content is one of the most sought-after pieces of content by editors, which can be a huge differentiator,” says Holly Rollins, president of 10x Digital. Furthermore, it is one of the most effective forms of content for addressing all of your target audiences via your website, blog, and social media updates.


The benefits to your company from publishing an e-book are substantial. Express Writers’ Julia McCoy explains the thinking behind this practice: “The idea is that you give the customer something (the ebook) in exchange for something (the customer’s email address and their permission to be added to a mailing list). Email follow-ups are possible with this method of lead generation, making it a terrific way to get people talking about or just interested in your product.

When it comes to constructing inbound links, an ebook is an excellent tool for giving readers more information on a subject you’ve touched on in a guest post.

Executive’s of-Thinking-Leadership Article

For instance, you may cite Sarah Brightman, CEO of Marketing Company, saying something like, “Technology is forcing the marketing industry to evolve at a rapid pace,” and then link to her blog post in your guest post.

You can increase your credibility as a guest poster by including links to relevant articles written by other experts in your field. Having your CEO’s name in print might also help your company establish itself as an industry leader.

Select initial blog post topics based on two criteria:

  • The background of your CEO
  • Name recognition and specialization
  • Together, they make for material that is useful to readers and showcases your CEO’s expertise.
  • 5-Part Blog Series on How to Do Something

Extensive blog posts have the same kind of informational heft as reports and case studies. In this situation, you are delivering a great deal of value to your audience by teaching them how to do something from start to finish, so demonstrating your company’s competence.

Make Content Worthy of a Guest Post

If you want to get high-quality placements with your guest posting, you need to have great content. You can propose original ideas in these articles and include a link to your site organically while still providing value to the reader. Take advantage of this kind of guest posting to establish yourself as an industry expert, create content that will generate SEO value for years to come, and forge partnerships with publications who will provide ongoing value to your business.