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How To Boost More Followers On Instagram Live Videos?

Instagram live broadcasts are entertaining to create and can be effective in fostering brand loyalty.
Instagram introduced a new and fascinating function this year called Instagram live. Some of us are already familiar with its ins and outs and reaping the rewards of using it to increase your brand’s visibility, revenue, and audience/customer loyalty.

A Primer for Instagram Live

It’s been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean everyone is up to speed on it. Like its parent business Facebook Live, Instagram Live lets users broadcast live video and engage with their viewers in real time. It’s possible, for instance, that the video will be deleted as soon as the live show concludes.
When a user is broadcasting live, Instagram now features a highlighted border around their profile image. All of their followers are alerted when new content, promotions, or advertisements are available from their favourite accounts/influencers. The use of hashtags increases visibility and, by extension, the likelihood of gaining new followers from a wide variety of sources.
I’ll show you five different approaches to using Instagram Live to promote yourself, your brand, and your products, and to attract new followers in the process.

Be driven by a goal

While making movies on the go could be entertaining, it won’t accomplish much for your brand’s content strategy until you distribute videos that are specific to your brand. Here are a few illustrations:

Hold a live question-and-answer session

You may easily interact with your audience and respond to any questions your followers may have by broadcasting a live video. If you show your audience that the people “behind the scenes” care about the brand and its devotees, they will develop a deeper connection to the firm and its products, which in turn will increase the likelihood that they will become devoted customers.

Incentivize people or publicise an upcoming event

Fans appreciate free stuff because, well, who doesn’t? Create maximum buzz with the help of live video broadcasts. Incentives can come in the form of a discount code, a freebie, access to a special event, or a chance to win a great reward.

Inquire about opinions

Make the most of the opportunity for open dialogue with your audience by soliciting comments and suggestions on how your brand might be improved.

Put your technology to the test

If you want to prevent making mistakes with the image resolution or video size during your live stream, make sure you practise first. While blunders provide a personal touch to your brand and make your company more approachable, you may reduce the likelihood of these happening by producing a few practise films to determine where you can improve before going live.

Make use of the suddenness

Unless you provide your viewers the option to watch your live video multiple times (via your live account settings), you know that they will only get one shot at it. Instill in your audience a feeling of urgency to consume your material by heightening their FOMO (fear of missing out). One effective method of creating a sense of urgency is to offer discount vouchers that expire after a set amount of time.
Another useful hint is to make your tale invisible to x, y, and z users. To reduce the likelihood of having your ideas and promotions replicated, you can choose to restrict access to anybody you choose by selecting “Hide story” from the options menu before beginning your live broadcast.

Advertise in before all of your Instagram live broadcasts

This is crucial for the success of your live video. Because social media is a conversation in which both you and your audience participate, it’s crucial to strike just the right tone when introducing a new product.

Increasing participation, fostering connections, and attracting new followers should be your constant objective.

Make content that’s out of the ordinary and open to partnerships, guest posts, and interviews

For example, if your business is a vegan restaurant and you’re releasing a new line of healthy infused drinks, you could interview a well-known nutritionist/health influencer around the gramme and run a live interview, or you could let them try all of your products so they can tell their audience how tasty and incredible they are.
Takeovers, which are now trending on Instagram stories, are another approach to keep your audience interested by combining the efforts of multiple brands to produce content for one another’s stories and to broadcast unexpected content. This is a surefire way to maintain interest among your audience members; when using Instagram Live Video, don’t be afraid to try new things and think creatively.
Now that you understand the many advantages live video on Instagram can provide for your business and the steps you can take to reap those benefits, your top priority as a brand should be to maintain the interest of your audience at all times and to conduct as many experiments as possible to determine what works best and attracts the greatest number of viewers to your feed, thereby increasing the likelihood of making a profit.