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How to Create Business Social Media Accounts Quickly?

Today’s marketing strategies can’t function without using social media. Follow this simple checklist to create profiles for your company on the most popular social media platforms.

Profile on Facebook

How to Sign up for an Account?

In order to set up a Facebook Page, you must first have a personal Facebook account.
Visit after logging into your personal account.

Pick the sort of page you want to make from the options provided.

  • Conveniently located shop or establishment
  • Prominent musician(s) or other creative professional(s)
  • Firm, group, or establishment
  • Famous names in the entertainment industry
  • Group or larger purpose
  • Put in your business details, read Facebook’s policies, then choose “Get Started.”

The Facebook interface will have four different tabs:

  • Regarding Your Profile Pic
  • Mark as Favorite
  • Promote Your Message and Get More Views.
  • Click “Save Info” when you’ve finished filling out each tab’s information.

Corporate Profile on LinkedIn

How to Sign up for an Account:

  • Create a LinkedIn Company Page with the use of your personal LinkedIn account.
  • Go to and sign into your own LinkedIn account.
  • To make a new company page, navigate to “Interests,” then “Companies,” and finally “Create” (in the right-hand column).
  • To confirm that you are an authorized representative of the company, please provide the company name and your email address and then click the check box.
  • A company description and link to the company website are required for publication.


How to Sign up for an Account:

  • Access Twitter via its official website.
  • If you’re new to Twitter, fill out the “New to Twitter? Sign up” form with your complete name, email address, and a password.
  • Choose the Twitter signup button.
  • Select a username (usernames are Twitter’s equivalent of email addresses) on the next screen by typing your own or selecting one of Twitter’s suggestions. You may check the availability of a potential Twitter handle using the service.
  • Verify your username, password, and email address.
  • Select “Sign me up” to begin the registration process.
  • There is a chance you’ll have to solve a Captcha.
  • After signing up for Twitter, you’ll receive a confirmation email; to activate your account, all you have to do is click the link contained inside that email.

Google+/Google’s Free Business Listings

By setting up a Google My Business local profile, you increase the likelihood that information about your company will appear in Google products like Search, Maps, and Earth. In addition, a Google+ page is created for your company to facilitate communication with clients.

How to Sign up for an Account:

  • To create a Google My Business profile, you must first have a personal Google account.
  • Sign into Google, then go to
  • Select the Nature of Your Enterprise:

The Front Counter of a Shop


Look up the company name you’re trying to find. If you don’t see your company listed, select “Add your firm” from the drop-down menu labelled “None of these match.”

Click the button labelled “I transport my goods to my customers” and then enter your company’s name, street location, city, state, zip code, business phone number, and business type (if the statement is true).

To proceed, please press the “Continue” button.

  • Pick a service area that includes the locations where you do business, and then check the box next to “I also serve clients at my business address” (if the statement is true).
  • Verifying your information and agreeing to Google’s terms of service are the first steps.
  • Your company will have its own Google+ page made instantly. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your business profile.

In order to set up a Google account, a verification code must be entered. A postcard with the code on it will be sent to you.

Select “Email my code” and provide an optional recipient’s name. To send a postcard, use the “Send” option. In about a week to two, a postcard will be sent to you. To validate your Google My Business account, visit after you have the code, choose your new page, and input the code. The discount code has a 30-day time limit.


How to Sign up for an Account:

  • Navigate to (if you have a personal account, make sure to log out).
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, you may reset it and get a new one by entering your email address.
  • Please provide us with information about your company and the contact information for the person who will be handling your account.
  • Please read the terms of service and click “I Agree” below.
  • To sign up, select “Create Account.”


How to Sign Up for an Account

  • Instagram is available for Apple iOS on the App Store, Android on Google Play, and Windows Phone on the Windows Phone Store.
  • Activate the app by tapping its icon after installation.
  • To join up using your email address or social media account, select the corresponding button.
  • Create a username and password, fill out your profile information, and then click the “Done” button if you choose to register using your email address.
  • If you choose to join up using your Facebook account, you will be asked to check in to Facebook.


How to Sign Up for a New Account

  • Creating a YouTube account calls for a Google account linked to your own identity.
  • Visit switcher and sign in with your Google credentials.

If you want to make a new channel, select it.
To launch your new channel, please complete the fields below.
Starting here, you may create your profile and start sharing videos with the world.