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How To Increase Conversion Rate On Instagram Ads?

Many business owners and marketers today view social media as a necessary evil. Although you are aware that you must go, you are unable to generate any sort of ROI.

It’s not just you, so that’s some consolation. Social media only often generates a ROI of 19:20, compared to email marketing’s ROI of 36:1 and SEO’s ROI of 22:1.

These are merely approximations, but that doesn’t mean Instagram and other social media platforms can’t successfully drive conversions.

You can utilise Instagram to increase sales if you combine strategy, creativity, and platform expertise in the correct way.

And we’re not just referring to the sporadic post with a screenshot of a product and a promotional code. We’re discussing using Instagram to create a passionate following that will support your business and increase your conversion rates.
Now that you know why Instagram is a great social media marketing tool, read on for some tips on how to boost the likelihood that your Instagram ads will result in conversions.
Because being seen by the correct individuals enhances the likelihood that they will purchase your stuff.

Campaigns using hashtags can be extremely effective for launching new products. It’s a fantastic strategy for creating mystery and suspense. Additionally, you provide a means for your audience to discuss your new product with ease.

Pay attention to what works

Utilising Instagram advertisements to increase sales requires experimenting, just like with any other marketing strategy. This entails experimenting with a variety of content types—videos, carousels, photos, tales, etc.—until you discover which is most effective for your company and target audience.

It also entails experimenting with various messaging and call-to-action formats. Try a couple different approaches and observe which ones connect with your audience the most to determine what works best.

Inside the Action

You might be underestimating how cool your product is. Companies like ALOHAS have let their customers in and frequently display how their products are made. This is ideal for businesses who promote themselves as sustainable because it strengthens their claims.

Content Created by Users

We must not overlook the content that customers create using your goods. You want to see something being used or used before you decide to buy it. UGC actually has a 20% higher influence on purchasing decisions than any other form of media.

By starting to share the content your consumers produce with your product, you can inspire them to produce more of it. After all, most individuals enjoy seeing their content shared and getting more exposure. Hey, Harper does it correctly.


The most popular Instagram trend is humour. By making their own original memes or distributing amusing content related to their brands, businesses can take advantage of this.

Consider the clothing line Reformation, whose goods are stylish and emphasise sustainability. You may assume that they prefer fashion-related visual content, and while their feed does have a lot of those images, it isn’t what makes them so wildly successful. They have captions.

Work With Thoroughly Selected Influencers

Even if they are not buddies, individuals like recognising familiar faces on social media. Influencers are more approachable than even celebrities, which is why they are so well-liked.

To increase conversion, you can include influencers in your Instagram ads.

There are several choices.

The influencer might appear in your advertisement, and you can profit from them spreading it. Additionally, you might enlist the aid of influencers in developing the advertisement. After all, they are social media experts who are highly familiar with the preferences of both their and your target audience.

Utilise Facebook Ads Manager to create highly targeted ads.

Use Facebook Ad Manager if you want to get the most of your Instagram advertising spend.

This enables you to target particular persons and display your adverts to the appropriate demographic. The Ad Manager allows you to target people based on a variety of criteria, including geography, age, gender, and hobbies.

If you haven’t already, tying Facebook and Instagram together is simple.

In the ad manager, first create a new campaign and choose “Reach” as your objective.
Next, choose “Instagram” as the location for your advertisement.
You’ll need to link your Facebook company page to your Instagram account. Don’t stress; it’s simple to do. Just add your Instagram account in Facebook’s settings.
Once your accounts are linked, it’s time to focus on your audience. You can narrow your focus by demographics, behaviours, or interests.
For instance, if you sell women’s clothing, you might wish to target American women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in fashion. Alternatively, if you sell skincare goods, you could want to focus on US-based women between the ages of 25 and 55 who have indicated an interest in skincare on Instagram.

Maximise Your Retargeting Investment

Also on Instagram, repetition might be effective, particularly if you’ve made eye-catching, compelling, or entertaining advertisements.

Retargeting is a potent strategy that enables you to maintain brand awareness among customers who have already expressed interest in what you have to offer. That is now simpler than ever thanks to Instagram and the Facebook Ads Manager.

Using Custom Audiences is one of the finest methods to use Instagram to retarget visitors to your website. This enables you to target people who have already visited your website with Instagram advertisements by creating an audience out of them.