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How To Build Authentic Social Media Presence?

Many people set their social media performance goals based on their content’s virality. However, the reality is that brand-specific viral content doesn’t always translate into substantial revenue.

If you’re a small business, you’ll have a higher chance of connecting with current and potential clients if you put genuine interest ahead of virality when sharing material.

To find out how small businesses and brands can compete in the ever-growing social media space, we sought out the advice of business owners and social media specialists.

Determine which channels are best for reaching your target demographic

Each social media site has its own distinct character, just as every company’s ideal clientele would be distinctive. Your brand would suffer from spreading itself too thin if you made an appearance everywhere on a regular basis.
Among the many social media platforms available to businesses today—including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest—Rachel Karten recommends focusing on Instagram and TikTok first.

Figure out what kind of online presence is appropriate for your product

The content you produce as a brand is just as important as choosing the channels in which you will participate. For instance:

  • Will you demonstrate how to use the things you sell by preparing meals on film?
  • Do you intend to make videos showing how jewelry moves and shines in various lighting conditions if you sell jewelry?
  • Do you plan to create a buzz by releasing new antique or thrifted things every week?
  • Rachel suggests switching gears and checking out accounts from completely different fields if you’re having difficulties finding your creative mojo.

Be true to your brand’s identity and values

Rachel explains that the current social media period is “very personality-driven,” with users enjoying “following creators,” “liking” TikTok, and “liking” to see users’ faces.

After years of viewing carefully manicured Instagram posts, the advent of TikTok sparked a hunger for genuine content, both from viewers and those who make videos.

Andre’s TikTok following skyrocketed because he regularly posted helpful resources for new business owners, stayed up of industry developments, and was transparent about the challenges he faced.

Start the broadcast

Going live on social media is a great way to show your true colors since it allows you to be open and honest with your audience in real time. TikTok users, for instance, would love to watch you pack their order in real time so they can feel even more connected to you and your company.

Using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram can be an effective way to address client problems and questions. In this setting, you can chat with your fans and address any concerns they may have about your wares.

Ask your viewers what they’d like to see more of

If you want to know what your audience wants to see from you, what new items they desire, or if they have any questions, you should ask them. You can conduct polls on Instagram and TikTok, and you may post comments in threads on Twitter and Facebook.

Talk about the impact your items have had on customers’ lives

People were started to include notes on their Shopify orders explaining why they had purchased jewelry, as Ramona explains.

Notes like “I’ve just gone through a breakup,” “I’m having IVF treatments,” and “This is for my mom” were commonly included since “it was a sentimental thing for them.” And they were really lovely, strong stories, so I began sharing them on TikTok, and that really boosted my platform.

Ramona packs orders with a voiceover explaining why the customer purchased the item, but she doesn’t disclose names since she values her customers’ privacy. Since then, an overwhelming number of people have shared their own brand stories with us, and it’s been nothing short of miraculous.

Customers that take the time to write in and share their experiences with using or benefiting from your goods can do wonders for establishing your brand’s credibility. Connecting the dots between social media

The time and effort you save by sharing information across platforms can be used toward growing your business. Ramona, for instance, promotes her most successful TikTok videos on Instagram to increase her following and sales.

A low-performing article on one platform could boost sales on another due to the unique nature of each medium. For instance, Ramona’s Bridgerton-related Instagram video did better than TikTok’s version in terms of sales because of Instagram’s more mainstream user base.

Save time by posting in bulk

If you’re running your business solo, keeping up a daily presence on many social media platforms on top of everything else might be exhausting and impossible.

Rachel suggests content batching as a strategy to relieve stress and strain for business owners. Plan to shoot all of your footage or photographs on one day, and then spread their release out over the next week or two. Alternatively, utilize a scheduling tool like Buffer or Sprout Social to accomplish this for you.