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9 Effective Tips To Boost Website Traffic From Instagram

Want to know how to increase Instagram clicks to your website?

Approximately 1.2 billion people use the photo-sharing app every month, making it one of the most popular social networking platforms. Even while it lacks the link-friendly nature of Facebook, it does offer a few useful functions that can drive people to your site.

But first, let’s set the record straight: a large number of followers isn’t necessary to generate interest using Instagram.

Advice from Businesses for Instagram

Make use of influencer advertising

You need people to visit your website so you can make more money, right? One option is to reach out to key opinion leaders in your field.

The ‘trust’ component makes influencer marketing an effective strategy for growing a company’s customer base. The endorsement of a popular person might be the deciding factor in getting others to try your product.

“With influencer marketing on the rise in the last couple of years,” Andrianna Frois of Hurrdat adds, “working with ambassadors on Instagram can draw new, unique audiences to your site.

But before you approach out to any influencer, be sure you’ve done your research. Look for people that have a large following and a lot of organic engagement with their articles.

Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

There are occasions when a post doesn’t get the attention it should.

You may promote old Instagram posts in your story. You may even increase interaction with previously published content by linking to it from your story. Ben Richardson, a professor at the Development Academy, recommends the same thing.

Richardson emphasises, “Despite their relevance sometimes being overlooked, Instagram Stories are a wonderful tool to further promote your content.” The stories function makes it simple to refer back to previous content.

Make use of content promotion

Increasing website traffic by 55% is a proven benefit of company blogging.

The power of social media may be greatly amplified when combined with the enormous potential of producing high-quality content.

Cooler Air Today’s Natalie Sullivan endorses this. With the use of content marketing tools like our blog, we’ve been able to successfully drive traffic from Instagram to our main site. Our Instagram feed has just links to the blog, so if you want to read about the latest happenings, you’ll have to go through to the site. It’s helped us connect the dots between our content marketing and our social media presence.

Contests with High Reward-to-Risk Ratios

Providing an incentive for your audience to interact with you is another effective strategy.

Instagram contests can assist in this regard, since individuals are more likely to disclose personal information in exchange for an entry.

Include a link in your profile

“One of the best ways to drive traffic from Instagram to your website involves including your ‘link in bio,'” says Peter Thaleikis of Which Login.

The bio section of an Instagram profile is one of the first things that viewers see when they click through to a user’s profile. Despite its seeming simplicity, it has been shown to have great success in the commercial world, particularly in the realm of online trade.

Share urls in private chats

You may also direct message (DM) links to your followers in addition to including them in your profile. However, there is a narrow line between engaging with your audience and spamming them, so tread carefully. You need to initiate a discussion before inserting links into it.

Clever Touch Marketing’s Tori Bell provides further information on the subject. If you want to initiate a discussion with someone, Bell says you “encourage them to chat with you on DM” or “start the conversation yourself, welcome them, and ask a relevant question, for example.”

Share appealing images

Visuals that stand out and are intriguing to the viewer are a great approach to gain attention. What kinds of images, though, may you post to your timeline and stories?

Conversion.AI’s Alex Birkett offers some inspiration: “My favourite way to use Instagram to leverage traffic is to splinter off clips and teasers from webinars, podcasts, and other visual content (could even be content like blog posts and infographics).”

Instagram advertising

Some people are turned off by the notion of influencer marketing since it requires them to give up control of their brand’s image to another person. If you fall into one of these categories, or if you just want to diversify your traffic-building budget, try advertising alongside your influencer marketing efforts.

MitoQ’s Shaun Price has this to say on the topic: “Paid media on social media platforms is an easy and cost-effective advertising strategy.” An advertising may often be designed to resemble a post, with the images and copy already in place. Your ad’s duration and intended audience can be customised at that point.

Sticker-based storytime

Mostly Blogging’s Janice Wald says that the popularity of their Instagram stories is to thank for the site’s success. However, Wald recommends adding stickers to make storytelling more engaging.

Using Instagram Stories has been the most effective method for me to direct people from Instagram to my website. I begin by posing a question to Instagram users in the form of a poll sticker. Because of this, they get interested. Then, I explain them why they should take that next step and swipe right.

Wald continues by saying, “Make sure you use eye-catching Instagram stickers like arrows to make your stories stand out.” Use a captivating logo and enticing typefaces. For a more striking Instagram post, you may download a keyboard from CoolSymbol.