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6 Best Ways To Use IGTV For Business

In 2018 Instagram introduced IGTV, the only major competitor to YouTube. Posting longer videos on IGTV will create good relationships and connections with your community. 

IGTV is a long-form video format that allows users to create videos for up to 60 minutes. Such longer videos can hold the attention of your audience for quite a lot of time as well as communicate your brand message more effectively. This, in turn, will create a strong relationship with your audience and build a strong community for your brand. If you have the idea of promoting a business on IGTV, this article is for you.

Why Should You Use IGTV For Business

There are millions of Instagram users around the world using IGTV; hence it is easy to promote your business. IGTV has a significant feature that facilitates both followers and non-followers to watch your videos and thus promote your business with greater ease.  Posting videos on IGTV helps you to describe your business more clearly and elaborately.

 Ways To Use IGTV For Business

Reuse popular content

Reuse the popular content you have already posted on other social media platforms. IGTV allows you to reuse your content with some edits in the video aspect ratio. Use attractive titles, descriptions, and hashtags to reach more audiences. Analyze your audience preferences to know the type of videos that they engage more.

Create Content for your Target Audience

Sharing your content regularly with your audiences is how you get closer to your community. Post videos about your business, like how you started, where you are, office tours, videos about your employees, videos about your product development, and product demonstration.

Create Tutorial Videos

 Post tutorial videos to let your audience know more about your products, like how it works, the detailed specifications, etc. Certainly, this will create brand awareness, and a good percentage of your audience will turn into your clients when they watch your video.

Post videos Regularly

It is vital to upload to IGTV regularly when you use it as a source of promotion. The number of views your IGTV videos receive is a key factor that influences how far your business gets noticed. Sometimes, you might face challenges in gaining visibility for your videos. Moreover, the sad truth is that you cannot predict how long your videos might take to gain traction. The right move that you need to make at that moment is to buy IGTV video views to initiate visibility and start receiving more views organically.

Engage with your Audience

Interact with your audience regularly to maintain a good relationship, and people will start trusting your business. Reply to every comment, and conduct Q&A to know more about the audience mindset. These are the best way to understand what people think about your business and help you to know about current trends, tastes, and preferences. 

Feature Your Customers To Create a Good Reputation

Feature your customers in your videos and make them explain product features and product reviews. It will create trust and a good reputation for your business or product. Interact with your customers and ask some basic questions like,

  • How do you know about our product or services?
  • What made you choose our product or services?
  • Why do you consider buying our products or services?


IGTV is a platform where users spend a lot of time. Hence, it is the right place to create brand awareness and gain potential customers. Now that you know some of the best tips to use IGTV for business, start testing your own methods along with these tips to get the most out of IGTV for your business.