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6 Best Types Of Backlinks In SEO

An expensive mistake is making the wrong links, which can severely harm your site or, even worse, a client’s site.

The steps outlined in this article will get you off to a good start with link development. In this article, I’ll explain the six varieties of backlinks that will help your search engine optimization and the four varieties you should avoid.

Six link building strategies

Though SEO relies on a wide variety of backlinks, only a select few are truly valuable. Let’s examine the various forms of backlinks and the methods for acquiring them.

Editorial links

For someone who is so enthusiastic about digital PR’s potential for SEO, I suppose it comes as no surprise that editorial backlinks rank so highly.

One of the best links you can get is to be referenced as an authoritative source within other articles. In addition to the massive amounts of referral traffic they can generate, these links frequently come from highly credible sources.

The Mechanisms at Play

Make referenceable content that other sites will want to share and quote, and incorporate shareable assets like infographics into that content.

Links from guest posts

According to a poll conducted by Authority Hacker, guest blogging is the most popular strategy employed by SEOs when constructing inbound links to their clients’ websites.
The only real drawback to these links is that so few people actually bother to construct them on their own. Unless they work for a firm with an in-house link building staff, most SEOs outsource their link building, which is why the links usually come from low-quality sites.

The Mechanisms at Play

Locate the most appropriate authoritative website to contact. Using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, all you need to do is input a term or phrase in the title, and then sort the results by Domain Rating (DR). This will lead you to relevant blogs that are already publishing articles on the topic.

Linkages that originate from personal relationships

Backlinks based on personal connections may be considered editorial links. Yet, as was said up top, editorial links are more natural and necessitate less effort to attain.

Building meaningful connections takes time and energy, but pays off in the end.

The Mechanisms at Play

Try contacting editors or webmasters who have already linked to you. Thank them for their time and let them know they can get in touch with you again if they have any questions or want your opinion on something.

Profiles with backlinks for businesses

Creating a strong online identity for your company will signal to search engines that you are an authority in your field and increase the likelihood that they will rank your website highly. Making company profiles is a common practise for this purpose.

The Mechanisms at Play

Business directory platforms like Crunchbase and InsiderPages allow you to build a profile with a link to your website. The majority of these services include signup pages where you can quickly and easily make a profile.

The value of inbound links gained through public speaking

To be fair, not everyone can benefit from ties of this nature. But, if you feel comfortable in front of an audience or even behind a microphone, speaking engagements can be a great method to build authority and a backlink profile.

Links like these are also great for displaying your E-E-A-T credentials (expertise, authority, experience, and trustworthiness).

The Mechanisms at Play

These connections can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as

  • Training sessions in real time
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Conferences
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If you are a featured speaker or instructor, your remarks will likely be published on the organization’s website, along with a link that will direct visitors interested in learning more about you to your personal website.

In-text citations and connections to other media files

This is one of my favourite forms of backlinks because it not only helps me get loads of placements, but also provides great exposure for my brand.

There are two types of embedded asset links:

  • Hardware and gizmos
  • Distinctions and medals

The Mechanisms at Play

You build a program/widget for your site, then make the code available so that other website proprietors in your field can include the program/widget into their own sites.

This is especially effective with calculators, but don’t forget to include your logo (and that all-important link) on the tool itself.

Acknowledgements and awards

If you can think outside the box, you can make the second embedded asset link much more applicable. From large-scale SEO firms to specialised affiliate networks, I’ve seen this strategy put to good use.

Most individuals, it’s true, enjoy hearing their praises sung.

The Mechanisms at Play

You decide to compile the best examples of a certain style and publish them in a blog post. That’s something you can figure out on your own and perform in accordance with your own values. If you prefer to be more genuine in your approach, you can also conduct a poll on social media or online using a platform like Pollfish to gauge public opinion.

Last Words

The importance of building relevant backlinks that benefit your website is an evergreen aspect of search engine optimization. In an ideal world, hyperlinks that do more than just enhance rankings would also raise profile and generate word-of-mouth recommendations.