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Month: September 2022

5 Engaging Instagram Video Ideas To Grow Your Small Business

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Instagram is no more a platform for just sharing pretty pictures and videos. From promoting to advertising, Instagram helps to offer expert advice, build relationships with your audience, or run competitions. Therefore, Instagram has become an essential platform for businesses to grow their brand and get customers online. As a small business, create compelling content to boost your brand visibility, grow your audience and increase your ROI.

Sharing attractive and high-quality videos helps you catch your potential audience’s eye. But creating great content is the key to boost video engagement and reach a large audience on Instagram. In this post, I’ll share five engaging video ideas to grow your followers, drive traffic to your website and keep the audience engaged in your business. 

Idea 1: Take Followers Behind The Scene

People always love behind the scene videos because it makes them feel connected with your business. Sharing behind the scene videos creates more transparency and enhances trustworthiness to your potential audiences. Moreover, you don’t need to polish your videos to look attractive. Just keep it as it is to increase your brand awareness.

Take a short video while making your products, packing it, or any activity related to your business. As a small business, it is necessary to share scenes behind the screen to improve your brand’s awareness among a wider audience and business competitors. 

Idea 2: Share Trending Reels

Going along with the trend and posting popular content on Instagram is a quick way to attract more followers and gain video engagement. You can use the music in the trending reel to your video or do a challenge to boost your video visibility and reach among your target audience. 

If you want to receive plenty of video engagement and make your content shown to new users, it is best to buy views for Instagram reels videos to stay popular on the platform. So, create more trending reels to attract new audiences and improve your business exposure and reach.

Idea 3: Repost User Generated Content

Find videos by your customers with your products or services and reshare them to your Instagram feed to boost your brand awareness and visibility. Sharing user-generated content is an excellent way to show your content to new audiences and engage them with your follower’s community. 

Reposting user-generated content encourages more audiences to create UGC with your products or services. As a result, it increases sales, drives website traffic, and improves your business ROI.

Idea 4: Post Contest or Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are excellent and fun ways to expand your business reach and attract a new audience to your Instagram profile. Create a catchy eye post with text briefly explaining the contest’s rules or giveaways.

A giveaway is a contest where you can ask your audience to tag people in the comments and pick the winner randomly. Additionally, share the photo of the prize you are planning to give to win an audience. Posting giveaways is a simple technique to improve your brand reach and boost potential audience. Post a tempting giveaway and encourage your followers to engage with it. 

Idea 5: Share Tips And Tricks

Create a post that tells short tips to use your products or services and increase your brand awareness with your target audience. Additionally, you can share how-to tutorial videos to explain a feature of your brand and encourage your audience to buy your products. 

Also, you can use IGTV’s long-form video feature to share webinars and live interviews to build trust with your potential audience. Use “question stickers” in your Instagram story and select the common question about your business to upload a new video answering those questions to boost user engagement. 

Final Words

Growing your audience and increasing your video engagement is important to build a successful Instagram marketing strategy. As a small business, you need to try different video content ideas for your business and see which performs best to strengthen your video content strategy on Instagram and increase your ROI. 

YouTube SEO Strategy: 5 Splendid Technique To Land More Views On Your Video

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Social media acquires the attention of most businesses to attract their target audiences towards their brand. Moreover, YoutTube remains the second largest social media network with more than 2 billion monthly active users. People usually prefer to watch visual content rather than text. This is the reason for the growth of YouTube.

Since the competition grows on YouTube, SEO enters here to top rank your videos on the search result. Recent research says people on YouTube upload 500 hours of videos every minute. To overcome this huge competition, SEO will be the only way to boost your video performance.

What Is YouTube SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is an effective technique to rank your content on the top searches. If you want to gain higher traffic, optimize your content for your audience and grow your potential followers. 

Unlike Google, YouTube SEO uses its content, metadata, videos, and captions to optimize its video in and out of YouTube. SEO strategy remains the key component to harness the power of video to wider audiences.

Are you ready to increase the user experience of your YouTube videos? Here are the engaging YouTube SEO tips that maximize your video reach to your potential audiences.

1.  Choose A Great Keyword

Before getting into the tips to implement your SEO techniques, the first and foremost step is to find and choose the right keyword suitable for your YouTube channel. Keywords help audiences to land on the video what they expect. 

How to choose and where to use the keyword? Use the YouTube search bar to gain the keyword suggestion by typing a word relevant to your business. Include your keywords in each of your video titles and description to increase the views for your video. Selecting the right keyword and using it in your video is the win-to-win SEO strategy.

2. Include Attractive Captions

YouTube has an option to provide automatic captions for your videos. These captions are 70% accurate making your videos display on the top of search results. Google considers it as the signal to show your content in the view of your target audiences. 

To gain more rewards from the Google algorithm, make your own, attractive, keyword-rich captions to make your videos popular among huge audiences. The attractive caption results in an increase in subscribers. Get the following benefits with closed captions:

  • Higher ranking on search results
  • Better user experience
  • Increase in engagement rate
  • Gain higher accessibility to your video

3. Include Transcript In Description

The video description is the perfect place to include the transcripts on YouTube. You may include up to 5000 characters for a video of 10 minutes. If your transcript does not match your video content, go with a call-to-action button. Also, YouTube provides an option to include a link that routes to the development of your effective and best link-building agency to enhance your organic reach.

Boost your SEO with transcripts that include the description from the following:

  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Fact sheets
  • Infographics
  • Website content

4. Use A Adaptive Thumbnail

Selecting and using the right thumbnail for every video provides a drastic change in the click-through rate of your YouTube videos. Use contrast and high-quality images with an aspect ratio of 16:9 to get the best result. 

Though YouTube creates its thumbnail from your video, creating your attractive thumbnail works best. If you want the best image ideas, you can go with the canva tool to get the best image relevant to your video. Include the keyword in your visual thumbnail to get the attention of potential visitors and increase views.

5. Promote And Engage Your Content

Increase the engagement metrics like comments, likes, views, and shares to gain a higher ranking. How to engage audiences? Create high-quality content and promote your video on different platforms to gain the audience’s attention. 

Use your manual and unique writing to get quality links for YouTube videos which is the best white-hat link-building technique for attaining audience interest. The blog posts and other social media platforms remain the best pathway to engage your audiences with your YouTube video.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is the place where most people spend their time either for entertainment or to gain information about a product or brand. So use this opportunity to prompt your business with a unique concept. The above tips make you come up with a great video that attracts more views. Therefore, use the SEO strategy and grow your YouTube account to the next level with tremendous growth in your business.

How To Land On The TikTok’s ‘For You’ Page

TikTok has unique features than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter apps, where you can manually curate your feed based on people you may know and most liked videos. The ForYouPage is the homepage for TikTok users, and the AI-based algorithm works to display different content for each user separately. It observes your likes and dislikes within a minute, as you scroll infinitely through the For you page. Getting on the For you page makes your content reach a broader audience. This article provides tips for getting on the TikTok For You page. 

Try Trends

Using trends in your videos is an effective way to get organic reach for your videos which can be anything dance, challenge, song, or effects. Once trends start to gain attraction on TikTok, users try this to get more attention. Trending concepts ranked on the ForYouPage is an excellent way to get on the TikTok ForYouPage often. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags describe your content genre and identify your competitors. Using the right hashtags in your video helps find your audiences. Include popular and less popular hashtags relevant to your content, which is an efficient way to get on the TikTok ForYouPage. Don’t use too many hashtags because that makes your post too clumsy. Adding two to five hashtags and writing captions gives a more professional look.

Create Attractive Content

TikTok provides unlimited features to create videos to increase its user rate. Creating innovative content gives more recognition to your profile in a short period, and takes your content to the ForYouPage. Use your voice to tell a story if you don’t want to expose your face in your video. 

Capture Your Audience

TikTok provides endless videos on the For you page. Only specific videos grab the users’ attention, so you need to use high-resolution video quality with impressive text to hook the audience until the end of the video. This method gives a better chance for your video to get on the for you page. For example, users watch the entire cooking steps to see the recipe’s outcome. This way, you can make some interesting content to increase video engagement. 

Post At The Right Time

The US TikTokers is 29% of the teens, and 38% of the users are 18-24 years old. Hence, use TikTok analytics to find your audience’s active time; as per research, the most active users are from 3 pm to 9 pm. Posting at the right time helps get more exposure for your video and increase follower count.  

Focus On 2-3 Niches

Choosing the right niche helps build high-profile authority and fame on TikTok. If you select a single niche, your audience range might be small. So you could focus on 2-3 relevant niches that are closely related to your main niche as this also helps you expand your audience. Analyzing the trends leads you to decide on the perfect niche for your profile. In order to become famous on TikTok, you should build a strong presence on TikTok by posting solid and quality niche content. The content is fresh and might take some time to attract audiences when it is essential to buy TikTok video likes to accomplish your engagement goals. Certainly, this would help you a lot in getting your metrics better and boosting brand reach in a short period.

Rise Of Shorter Videos

Nowadays, people don’t have time to watch long videos. To deliver your content structure quickly to attain more reach on TikTok. Shorter videos are now viral on TikTok, which helps the users watch the entire video and increase your video engagement, and it is the best way to get on TikTok for you page. 

Add Music To Your Video

TikTok algorithm gathers many users to feature music in their video, which is core to increasing the audience range. Music enhances your content, so TikTok provides users with unlimited songs. Use the trending song to get more audiences and likes, and it helps your video get on TikTok for you page. 

Collaborate With Influencers

Collaboration with popular influencers is the best strategy to get lots of followers. Influencers have developed a loyal audience on this platform, and users trust them most, so your video engagement increases with their fans. It helps your video to get on TikTok for you page quickly. 

 Schedule Your TikTok Videos

To reach your audience at a perfect time, you need to schedule your TikTok videos. Maintain consistency and trigger the TikTok algorithm by high engagement videos to expand your audience range so you can get on the TikTok for you page. 

Wrapping Up

Everybody wants to go viral on TikTok. If you are one of the TikTok users who want to go viral in TikTok, make your video rank on the ForYouPage to attain maximum exposure. Hope you find this article a simple yet effective guide to getting on the TikTok ForYouPage.