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Anthony Kaufman's got a piece up on Indiewire pegged to the release of Erroll Morris's SOP - about new Iraq docs - including FBR - that "share a uniqueness of approach and specific subject matter that could help them break out of the "Iraq-doc" box." Anthony credits the films for its "sharply ironic gaze." Also, blogger and doc filmmaker AJ Schnack reviews FBR out of Hot Docs for his blog, saying FBR is "an entertaining, sometimes funny, sometimes tense film, with top-notch cinematography and editing and graphic design that never trumps the central action.'s really fine filmmaking."

FBR is screening in Toronto this week, as part of the Hot Docs Festival. Showcase has a good piece up the film which you can read here. Also, Chuck Tryon of the Chutry Experiment, reviewed the film out of Full Frame, calling it one of the most fascinating films at the festival, "one that looks at our investment in the war in Iraq from an entirely new perspective."

Anthony Kaufman has a great piece in today's Village Voice about the new wave of Iraq films, including Full Battle Rattle, that "defy the cliches of the post-9/11 Iraq War cinema." As we pointed out to Anthony, we live in a generation where people get their news from The Daily Show. Why couldn't they get their news about Iraq from a movie about a fake Iraq?

David Fellerath of the Independent Weekly has a great piece up about FBR in advance of Friday's screening at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. He calls the film "funny, surreal and sometime disorienting." A short review in the same issue called the film "sometimes lighthearted, always provocative" and "one of the most thematically rich films in the festival." If you're interested, we're screening at 10:15 PM in the magnificent Carolina Theater.

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